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Inland Glass Grinder

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Inland Glass Grinder - Twin Spin

Inland Glass Grinder - Used as Disc Grinder

Inland Glass Grinder Set up as Touch Top
Inland Glass Grinder - Twin Spin can also be setup
as a standard router
with 'Touch Top' on/off control.

Twin Spin
Use the 1" router with cover plate over 5" disc
or when set up as Touch Top, pictured left.
Straight Glass
  •  5" Diamond Disc
  • 1/4" Grinding Head/Drill
  • 1" Grinding Head
  • 11 x 9" Work Surface
  • 22 to 90 Degree Guides
  • Touch Top optional setup
  • 1/11 hp Motor
  • 5 Year Warranty

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Twin Spin

Inland Glass Grinder


Twin Spin Grinder

Inland 'Twin Spin' Grinder
Combination Router/Disc Grinder

Inland glass grinder - Twin Spin lets you miter an edge, smooth an intricate curve or tackle the most difficult job with ease.  The Twin Spin combines a 5" diamond disc grinder and a standard router bit type grinder into a single powerful machine.  You don't have to stop or switch to another glass grinder - both units operate simultaneously.  Grinder has special 'drip' cooling system which applies coolant directly to the heads.  With the large 5" diamond disc you can grind on the flat top surface of the disc or along the outer edge of the disc for fast results and extended head life.  Two sizes of router style diamond grinding heads are also included - A large 1" head for fast general purpose grinding and a small 1/4" head for getting into those small spots.

  • 11 x 9" work surface
  • Touch Top optional setup
  • 1/4" Grinding/Drill Head
  • Grind Along Edge of 5" Disc
  • 1" Grinding Head
  • 22/30/45/90 Degree Guides
  •  5" Disc Head
  • Drip Coolant System
  •  1/11 hp, 3500 rpm
  • 5 Year Warranty

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Glass Grinder Coolant 

Glass Grinder Coolant

Glass grinder coolant added to water reservoir adds life to your diamond grinding heads and your diamond bandsaw blades.  Also reduces heat that causes fractures while grinding or cutting.  Coolant mixes 30:1 with water to produce two gallons from 8 oz jar.

SP-904  Glass Grinder Coolant ................................................ 5.79

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