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Picture Frame Backs

Specially designed for stained glass picture frames, with extra-long leg to allow for the frame.  Made of  black mateboard, with hanging loop and extra-long leg.  Frame back is generally held in place with 1/8" zinc channel, also available below in 18" lengths.  Channel is placed on back sides and top of frame so the picture frame back can slide in and out to change pictures.  Several sizes of picture frame backs are available, not mixable.

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Picture Frame Backs:    
SP-203  3-1/2" x 5" Picture Frame Back

Ea  2.20   
12+  1.99   
36+  1.83   
100+  1.59   

SP-204  4" x 6" Picture Frame Back

Ea  2.35   
12+  2.15   
36+  1.96   
100+  1.74   

SP-205  5" x 7" Picture Frame Back

Ea  2.75   
12+  2.48   
36+  2.28   
100+  1.99   

SP-208  8" x 10" Picture Frame Back

Ea  3.68   
12+  3.34   
36+  3.05   
100+  2.72   


1/8" Zinc U Channel (18" long pieces):
SD-210  1/8" Zinc U Channels

Ea  1.19   
12+  0.99   
36+  0.89   
100+  0.79   


Solder the 'U' Channel to the top and sides on the back of the frame,
so that the picture frame back slides into the channel.





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